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This website allows you to download research papers free of cost. If you are a student/researcher you must know about this.

This is another great website for students. This website provide books for free.

This is another type of search engine created by Google, students can search on it for school related stuff and find good results, there are also articles available there.

This amazing extension provides all the papers you need to read, for FREE!Available for Chrome and FireFox

50000 free ebooks to download (epub, kindle, android, ipad)

If you update or upgrade any software and if you don't like it; then you can downgrade
it by using this website.

This website provident you all the alternative softwares for you searching.

 On HAX :

This website will provides you all the cracked version of various paid software, apps.

If  you love watching documentaries then you will enjoy this website, you can watch countless documentaries for free there.

Want to play Nintendo games? You can play almost every single Nintendo game ever created, games are fun and everyone deserves to have abit of fun.

Ever wondered while watching Sci-Fi films, where there the hacker just types a lot of things on black screen, that someday I will do the same. If yes, then this is the website for you. Hacker Typer is a fun website to imitate such hacking.
What if I told you, that you, sitting on your PC can see all the live hacking attacks, happening around the world right now? Because you know it's possible. Norse Corp shows the live attack map and believe me, it's quite real.
Here's a web Genie who can guess any character you can think of by asking few questions. It's not magic, but it works like a charm.

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