C++: Implementation of Stack using Array (Data Structure)

I have studied the algorithm for stack implementation from Introduction to Algorithm.
We all want to learn programming languages. It is not just to learn to code. It is understanding algorithms, data structures their relationships and implementing them using a computer programming language. Stack is one of the elementry data structure.


➧ It is a dynamic set. What are dynamic sets? Sets which can be manipulated by algorithms, which can grow, shrink or change over time.

➧ It implements last-in,first-out means element which is entered last in the stack will be on the top of the stack thus will be deleted first. [LIFO]

➧ To insert an element we call PUSH operation and to delete an element we call POP operation .

➧ S[0,...,S.top] here S[0] shows element at the bottom and S[S.top] shows element at the top.

➧ S.top= -1 means stack contains no element and is empty.

#include <iostream>
#define max 1000class Stack{  int top;
 public:      int a[max];      Stack(){      top=-1;      }      bool stack_empty();      void push(int x);      int pop();      void display();};
bool Stack::stack_empty(){if(top==-1)    return true;else    return false;}
void Stack::push(int x){  int s=max-1;  if(top<s){     top=top+1;     a[top]=x; }else    std::cout<<"overflow"<<"\n";}
int Stack::pop(){if (stack_empty()==true)    std::cout<<"Underflow"<<"\n";else{    --top;    return a[top+1];}}
void Stack::display(){for(int i=0;i<=top;i++){    std::cout<<a[i]<<" ";}}
int main(){    Stack stack1;    stack1.push(15);    stack1.push(6);    stack1.push(2);    stack1.push(9);    stack1.push(3);    stack1.display();    std::cout<<"\n";    std::cout<<stack1.pop()<<"\n";    stack1.display();    return 0;}

Here array starts from 1 so don't get confused.
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